The Norwegian Opra has become interested in chemistry.

new Faustvideo

Here is an old piece by the Opra director:
Everyday 2005

The Norwegian Opra has doubts about a lot of things.

Gastspiel: MUSIK at Donaueschinger Musiktage October 2012

Gastspiel: FAUST, OR THE DECLINE OF WESTERN MUSIC at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2011.

Gastspiel: PENELOPE performance at Eivinds wedding

Premiere: UTOPIA
10th of April at 7 pm 2011

Big Conference at The Norwegian Opra 17. jan 2011:
The Return of the Grand Narratives

The new opra "Apocalypse (The Book of Revelations)" was premiered at the 17th of Sep at 24.00 am (midnight between 17th and 18th). Online booking possible from the 13th at 12 am (at this web page only)
online booking

Premiere of the new opra "Casanova" at SPOR Festival in Denmark 7th of May. The opra is not really on the festival program, but after some minutes the piece "Concert Music Piece" will change its title and genre and transform into Casanova.

Orpheus 7th Mar 21.00
Sold out!
online booking
See video documentation of the world premiere in main column.

Video documentation from the spectacular Opra Gala at Ultima 9th September is now released! (Look in the main column)

Announcement: The International Architecture Competition for the interior of The Norwegian Opra is now opened. Graphical model of stage: 1 2

The Norwegian Opra Theory and Propaganda Department has been opened (see box below).

In connection with the performance of "13 Music Theatre Pieces (Non-Opra)" in London on the 18th of November, the Norwegian Opra has released the striking "Suite from 13 Music Theatre Pieces" availible for online listening.
Listen here

The Norwegian Opra will go on tour to London 18th of November. The non-opra "13 Music Theatre Pieces" will be performed along with a new piece which starts out with the title "Concert Music Piece" but change during the performance to "Opra Music Piece"/"Jenseits von Gut und Schlecht".
Institute of Contemporary Art

Hercules Costume Test
Costume tests 31.sep.
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