Trond Reinholdtsen

2016/7 Planned new pieces for Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra and Ellen Ugelvik, Asamisimasa, Jennifer Torrence and several music theatrical works.
2015 Buys a new opera house in Olsäter, Sweden. Begins an infinite series of filmed operas under the name "Ø". 
Six episodes is produced during 2015 with premieres at the Ultimafestival, Donaueschinger Musiktage, Gessneralle Zürich and Live Arts in Bologna.
2014 Invited to festivals at die Academie der Künste i Berlin, Ultraschall i Berlin, pgmn i Bremen, Far North at Greenland and Ultima in Oslo. 
Presentations at Köln Musikhochschule and Darmstätter Frühlingstagung. 
2013 Premiere of "Narcissus" at The Norwegian Opra.
2012 Premiere of "Musik" (33') at Donaueschinger Musiktage for the ensemble Asamisimasa, speaking composer, Power Point, opera film and machines.
2012 Invited to Theatertreffen with the 12 hour "John Gabriel Borkman" together with Vegard Vinge and Ida Müller.
2012 Premiere of the english version of "Invisible Music" at Monday Evening Concerts in Los Angeles.
2011 Received Arne Nordheims Composers Price, TONOs "Challengers Price" and is nominated to the Critics Award for the project "The Norwegian Opra".
2011 Premiere of "Faust, or the Decline of the West" (45') for the pianist Mark Knoop, Power Point and theatrical effects at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.
2010 Portrait concerts at Rainy Days in Luxembourg, SPOR festival in Denmark and at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.
2010 Forming of own opera house in the composers living room. Goes on to produce "Orpheus", "The Apocalypse" and "Utopia".
2010 Performance of "Unsichtbare Musik" at the Darmstädter Ferienkurse. Later performed in the Berlin Philharmonic.
2009 Several performances in London, for example at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) and at the Spitalfields festival.
2005-2009 Artistic leader (together with Lars Petter Hagen) of Happy Days Music Festival.
1996-present Member of vocal sextet Nordic Voices. Numerous first performances, recordings and concerts all over the world.

List of Works:

2016 Ø episode 7
2015 Ø episode 6
2015 Ø episode 5
2015 Ø episode 4
2015 Ø episode 3
2015 Ø episode 2
2015 Ø episode 1
2013 Narcissus (160') opra
2013 Inferno (40') for percussionist, playback, gorillafilms and alchemy
2012 12-Spartenhaus (12 hours) (with Vegard Vinge and Ida Müller) theatre piece
2012 Musik (33') soprano, cl, vc, gt, pn, perc, composer, Power Point, machines etc.
2011 Faust, or the Decline of Western Music (45') pn, Power Point, recorded sound and theatrical effects.
2011 Utopia (90') opra
2011 John Gabriel Borkman (12 hours) (with Vegard Vinge and Ida Müller) theatre piece
2010 The Apocalypse (100') opra
2010 Orpheus (105') opra
2009 Unsichtbare Musik (17') soprano, cl, vc, gt, pn, perc, speaker, recorded sound.
2009 The Norwegian Opra launch and gala happening (100') 6 musicians, 30 singers and performers, composer etc etc
2008/2009 The Wild Duck (16 hours) (with Vegard Vinge and Ida Müller) theatre piece
2008 Collected Music Performance Videos (18') video
2008- Concert Music Piece (in several versions) musicians, composer performance, Power Point
2008 13 Music Theatre Pieces (15') acc/synth/voice, pn, cl, vc, el gt, ad hoc player, 3 simultaneous Power point presentations.
2008 "Ny Musikk-revyen" (4 hours) (with Kai Johnson and Bodil Furu) atonal cabaret on the history of the organization "Ny Musikk", 6 musicians, choir, actors, performance, etc etc.
2008 Worlds beyond (installation) 20 dancers, musicians, children's choir, 15 cd players.
2007 (new version 2011) Music as Emotion (45') acc, cl, vc, pn, gt, untrained singer, speaker, recorded sound, video, handouts.
2007 Ghosts (6 1/2 hours) (with Vegard Vinge and Ida Müller) theatre piece
2006 Des Moines / Sparta + Music (30') 4 musicians, 3 overhead projectors, Power Point, samples and live drawing.
2005 Everyday (21') solo saxophone, 11 instruments, documentary recordings and text.
2005 Catalogue of Emotions (10') singer/lecturer, overhead projection. Also version with piano.
2005 Reinholdtsens Ode to Solitude (installation or film (40'))
2005 Antigone Absence (15') music theatre piece for empty stage, invisible musicians (vl, fl, perc), invisible tap dancer, invisible Antigone (soprano), Don Giovanni-sample and interview with dramaturg (video).
2004 In context (24') cl, gt, perch, video, recorded composers' speech.
2003 Turba - Theories of Mass Society (40') choir, live- and prerecorded video, Power Point, CD-playback, composer performance etc.
2003 Goddag madam Reinholdtsen, God aften frøken Flink (16'-30') Hörspiel
2002 Hörreste (25') 21 instruments and electronics
2000 Wie man zum Stein spricht (10') fl, vc, perc, pn
2000 Hun-hadde-pupp-i-nesa-si (2') electro acoustic work
1999 Processes of the Interstitual (10') electro acoustic work
1999 Bagatellen (10') pn
1999 Aus der Vergängnis (2') string quarret
1998 Psalm (10') 14 instruments
1997 Strukturelle Konstellation II (7') 8 channel tape
1997 ... and yet there will be a hundred visions and indecisions (8') 7 instruments